Corporate Manslaughter White Paper

Device-image-webGuardian24 led the movement to specific BlackBerry and Android lone worker solutions over 6 months ahead of the market. We conceive, design and develop in-house where our technical team evolve the service as new technologies emerge and customer needs change.
Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, iPhone and Tablet devices can all be transformed into robust personal safety devices with Guardian24. This is the ideal solution for those who don’t want to carry an additional lone worker device.
With many organisations allowing staff to use their own mobile device for work (BYOD), the flexibility of mixing and matching devices is becoming more important. Guardian24 also uniquely allows every user access the service from two devices if they use both a work and personal device.
All Guardian24 lone worker devices are BS8484 accredited.
Features Include:
• Log whereabouts and daily tasks
• GPS location fixes
• Covert panic alarm
• Keypad lock override
• Live audio recording
• Man down capability
The service allows users to log their whereabouts, daily tasks, send GPS location fixes and raise an alert in a time of need, even if the keypad is locked.
Should their safety be compromised lone workers can easily summon emergency help by discreetly pressing a dedicated key on their mobile phone, enabling them to summon help covertly, without obvious attention to the source of the threat.

In an emergency situation Guardian24 will also record live audio and immediately notify nominated respondents or an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) enabling them to assess the seriousness of the threat and the level of response necessary.

As the winner of the IFSEC 2013 Lone Working Product of the Year Award’ Guardian24 is widely recognised as the most flexible and responsive for users. We are the largest supplier of lone worker solutions in the UK and we believe we have the experience, resources and service capabilities to ensure the project goes well for you and that your users benefit from the technology for the long term. We strive to add great value to your already existing procedures and policies.