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Lone working mobile phone systems

Guardian24’s lone worker Smartphone application is the ideal solution for those who don’t wish to carry a dedicated personal safety device.

Guardian24’s innovative software transforms your Smartphone into a fully functioning personal alarm – perfect for those working alone.

Available on all major operating platforms, the application gives users the ability to raise the alarm in the event of an emergency. With a wealth of features and workforce management options, Guardian24’s application is the smart choice for your Smartphone.

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Panic Alarm function allowing the user to call for help at anytime, anywhere.

Easy and discreet alarm activation. The designated Panic Alarm button overrides the phone’s keypad lock.

Rapid response via either our fully accredited 24 hour Alarm Receiving Centre or dedicated emergency contacts of your choice.

GPS locating technology helps pinpoint the user’s exact location in an emergency.

• Optional 60 minute automatic tracking records the user’s GPS location.

Two-way audio allows controllers to assess the situation and reassure the user.

• All alarm audio is digitally recorded and stored for evidential use in prosecutions.

Activity Log also allows lone workers to log in and out of daily tasks, leaving details of their location and the expected duration.

• If an activity overruns, Guardian24 will automatically call the lone worker to verify their safety. If they cannot be reached, a nominated respondent will be notified informing them of the overrun activity.


• Easy installation

• Utilises existing mobile phones

• Low cost

• No capital outlay

• Increased protection for lone workers

• Helps fulfil ‘Duty of Care’

• Workforce management

Prices start from just £3.50 per month. Why not contact us to book a demonstration or even a free trial of our applications and service?


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